Halberd's Captain
Hello, I am Sir Meta Knight of the Galaxy Soldier Army, wielder of the sacred sword Galaxia and captain of the Halberd. I have seen that many of my allies and even enemies have joined here, due to Kirby's constant nagging, I have made a blog of my own.

M!A: Petrified of everything for two more days.

(Roleplaying blog for Meta Knight~)
To those that oppose the KRP.

Any of you here that oppose the KRP and wish to band together to destroy it once and for all, listen to this.

I fear something is going to happen to Popopo and Kid. Dark Matter and Yin-Yarn are up to no good. If there are any of those that know of Kirby’s whereabouts. Speak to me. *eyes glow green*

Alone we will not be strong enough to fight back…But together we stand a much greater chance. By defeating Yin-Yarn, this group will most likely disband… NME will be much more…Troublesome…

I must go now… I have matters that need to be…Taken care of… *draws Galaxia and flies off*

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